Software Engineering for Research Software Engineering (SE4RSE'23)

October 16-18, 2023

Held in conjunction with US-RSE Conference 2023

Chicago, IL USA

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This half-day workshop focuses on understanding appropriate software engineering practices employed by Research Software Engineers to design, develop, maintain, evolve, and sustain research software. As a result of the variety and complexity of the research domains addressed by this software, it is unclear to what extent existing software engineering practices and tools developed for industrial software are efficient and effective for its development. Appropriate software engineering approaches must account for the salient characteristics of the research-oriented development environment. This workshop provides a platform for RSEs to share their software engineering experiences (both positive and negative) and learn from each other. We will devote a significant portion of the workshop to focused interactions to identify common experiences, needs, and opportunities for future work.


The workshop will consist of two sessions. In the first session, authors of accepted abstracts will give short presentations. The presentation session will be followed by a short discussion period prior to the break focused on identifying topics that will seed discussions in the second session. The second session will consist of small-group discussions and speed blogging sessions. These sessions aim to produce blog posts based on the topics arising from the presentations and discussions. We will allow workshop attendees to self-organize into groups around the topic that is of most interest to them. In addition to the informal interactions among the participants, the workshop will produce concrete outcomes including an increased level of understanding between members of the two target communities and the identification of new collaborative studies based on the discussions.

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