2022 International Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science

June 21-23, 2022

Thematic Track in The International Conference on Computational Science

London, UK

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Paper Session - Thursday, June 23 16:40-18:20

  • 16:40 [Full Paper] "A Survey on Sustainable Software Ecosystems to Support Experimental and Observational Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory" by David Bernholdt, Mathieu Doucet, William Godoy, Addi Malviya-Thakur and Gregory Watson (Abstract)
  • 17:00 [Full Paper] "Software Architecture for Highly Scalable Urban Traffic Simulation" by Michal Zych, Mateusz Najdek, Mateusz Paciorek and Wojciech Turek (Abstract)
  • 17:20 [Full Paper] "Automated and Manual Testing in the Development of the Research Software RCE" by Robert Mischke, Kathrin Schaffert, Dominik Schneider and Alexander Weinert (Abstract)
  • 17:40 [Full Paper] "Towards Automated Application-Agnostic Verification for Simulations" buy Rumyana Neykova, Diana Suleimenova and Derek Groen (Abstract)
  • 18:00 [Full Paper] "Learning I/O Variables from Scientific Software's User Manuals" by Zedong Peng, Xuanyi Lin, Sreelekhaa Nagamalli Santhoshkumar, Nan Niu and Upulee Kanewala (Abstract)
  • 18:20 [Presentation] "Digging Deeper Into the State of the Practice for Domain Specific Research Software" by Spencer Smith and Peter Michalski (Abstract)

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