Software Engineering for Science Tutorials


Contemporary Peer Code Review Practices

This tutorial was presented at the 2019 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting (Houston, Texas).

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Contemporary Peer Code Review in Scientific Software Development

This tutorial was presented at the IEEE eScience Conference 2018 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Contemporary Peer Code Review, a Lightweight, Asynchronous Method for Ensuring High-Quality Code

This tutorial was presented at the SEA Software Engineering Conference and Tutorials 2018.
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Test-Driven Development (TDD) for HPC Computational Science & Engineering (SC12 Educator's Program)

This tutorial was given as part of the SC'12 Educators Program.

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Unit Test and TDD Examples

Software Engineering Assembly Software Engineering Conference -- Tutorial on Testing

Tutorial description

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Tutorial on Test-Driven Development (TDD)

This tutorial was given as part of a research project conducted with Sandia National Laboratories. The goal of the project was to use TDD in the development of scientific application.
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