2013 International Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering

Saturday May 18, 2013

In Conjuction with ICSE 2013

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Workshop Schedule

List of papers including abstracts.

8:30 - 10:30      SESSION 1 - Software Process (Chair - Tom Epperly)
  • Welcome and Introduction (Jeff Carver)
  • (FP) Scientific Software Process Improvement Decisions: A Proposed Research Strategy - Erika S. Mesh and J. Scott Hawker [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (FP) The software development process of FLASH, a Multiphysics Simulation Code - Anshu Dubey, Katie Antypas, Alan Calder, Bruce Fryxell, Don Lamb, Paul Ricker, Lynn Reid, Katherine Riley, Robert Rosner, Andrew Siegel, Francis Timmes, Natalia Vladimirova, and Klaus Weide [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (FP) A Case Study: Agile Development in the Community Laser-Induced Incandescence Modeling Environment (CLiiME) - Aziz Nanthaamornphong, Karla Morris, Damian W. I. Rouson, and Hope A. Michelsen [Preprint]
  • (FP) Implementing Continuous Integration Software in an Established Computational Chemistry Software Package - Robin M. Betz and Ross C. Walker [Preprint]
  • (FP) Water Science Software Institute: An Open Source Engagement Process - Stan Ahalt, Larry Band, Barbara Minsker, Margaret Palmer, Michael Tiemann, Ray Idaszak, Chris Lenhardt, and Mary Whitton [Preprint]
  • (SP) DSLs, DLA, DxT, and MDE in CSE - Bryan Marker, Robert Van de Geijn, and Don Batory [Preprint] [Slides]
10:30 - 11:00    BREAK

11:00 - 12:30    SESSION 2 - Quality (Chair - Dustin Heaton)
  • (FP) Techniques for Testing Scientific Programs Without an Oracle - Upulee Kanewala and James M. Bieman [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (FP) Design and Rationale of a Quality Assurance Process for a Scientific Framework - Hanna Remmel, Barbara Paech, Christian Engwer, and Peter Bastian [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (FP) Practical Formal Correctness Checking of Million-Core Problem Solving Environments for HPC - Diego Caminha B. de Oliveira, Zvonimir Rakamari´┐Ż, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Alan Humphrey, Qingyu Meng, and Martin Berzins [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (FP) Software Design for Decoupled Parallel Meshing of CAD Models - Serban Georgescu and Peter Chow
  • (SP) Towards Flexible Automated Support to Improve the Quality of Computational Science and Engineering Software - Davide Falessi and Forrest Shull [Slides]
12:30 - 2:00      LUNCH

2:00 - 2:55         SESSION 3 - Other Topics (Chair - Jeff Carver)
  • (FP) Binary Instrumentation Support for Measuring Performance in OpenMP Programs - Mustafa Elfituri, Jeanine Cook and Jonathan Cook [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (SP) Implicit Provenance Gathering through Configuration Management - Vitor C. Neves, Vanessa Braganholo, and Leonardo Murta [Preprint] [Slides]
  • (SP) Exploring Issues in Software Systems Used and Developed by Domain Experts - Jette Henderson and Dewane E. Perry [Preprint]
  • (PP) ASCL: The Astrophysics Source Code Library - Peter Teuben [Slides]
2:55 - 4:00         SESSION 3 - Breakout Groups
  • Identify topics for break-out groups
  • Break-out group discussions
4:00 - 4:30        BREAK

4:30 - 6:00        SESSION 4
  • Report back from group discussions
  • Identify topics that should be in an SE-CSE research agenda

  • FP = Full Paper - 20 minute presentation (including questions)
  • SP = Short Paper - 10 minute presentation (including questions)
  • PP = Position Paper - 5 minute presentation

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