Second International Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering

Vancouver, Canada

May 23, 2009

Co-located with ICSE 2009

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NOTE: Papers now available through the ACM Digital Library

8:00 Session 1: Software Development Processes for Computational Science and Engineering

  • "How Do Scientists Develop and Use Scientific Software?" by Jo Erskine Hannay, Hans Petter Langtangen, Carolyn MacLeod, Dietmar Pfahl, Janice Singer and Greg Wilson
  • (Slides)

  • "Some challenges facing software engineers developing software for scientists" by Judith Segal
  • (Slides)

  • "Barely Sufficient Software Engineering: 10 Practices to Improve Your CSE Software" by Michael A. Heroux and James M. Willenbring
  • (Slides)

  • "An Empirical Characterization of Scientific Software Development Projects According to the Boehm and Turner Model: a Progress Report" by Carlton A. Crabtree, A. G�ne� Koru, Carolyn Seaman and Hakan Erdogmus (Slides)

9:20 Session 2: Specific Techniques for Computational Science and Engineering Software Development I
  • "Refactoring and the Evolution of Fortran" by Jeffrey L. Overbey, Stas Negara and Ralph E. Johnson
  • (Slides)

  • "Integration Strategies for Computational Science & Engineering Software" by Roscoe A. Bartlett
  • (Slides)

  • "Reusability of FEM Software: A Program Family Approach" by Wen Yu and Spencer Smith
  • (Slides)

  • "Developing Scientific Applications Using Generative Programming” by Ritu Arora, Purushotham Bangalore and Marjan Mernik
  • (Slides)

10:40 BREAK

11:10 Session 3: Specific Techniques for Computational Science and Engineering Software Development II
  • "Testing for Trustworthiness in Scientific Software" by Daniel Hook and Diane Kelly
  • (Slides)

  • "Injecting Software Architectural Constraints into Legacy Scientific Applications" by David Woollard, Chris Mattmann and Nenad Medvidovic
  • (Slides)

  • "Comparing Bioinformatics Software Development by Computer Scientists and Biologists: An Exploratory Study" by Parmit K. Chilana, Carole L. Palmer, and Andrew J. Ko (Slides)

  • "Preparing Scientists for Scalable Software Development" by Valerie Maxville
  • (Slides)

12:30 LUNCH

14:00 Identify Topics for Breakout Groups

14:30 Breakout Group Sessions
  1. How can scientists be effectively involved software development (or what kinds of information will scientists listen to?)
  2. How can software engineering researchers gauge their impact on scientific productivity?
  3. How can the problems of developing community software be addressed?

15:30 BREAK

16:00 Breakout Group Reports
  1. Report from Group 1
  2. Report from Group 2
  3. Report from Group 3

17:00 Wrap-up

17:30 END

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