Third International Workshop on Software Engineering for High Performance Computing Applications

Minneapolis, MS

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Co-located with ICSE 2007

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8:30   Welcome
  Keynote - Jose Munoz, National Science Foundation - "Cyberinfrastructure Initiatives at the National Science Foundation" - (Slides)
9:30  Session 1 - Code Implementation and Quality - Chair - Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratories
 "A High Performance Event Service for HPC Applications" - Ian Gorton, Daniel Chavarria-Miranda, Manojkumar Krishnan, and Jarek Nieplocha, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - (Slides)
 "Tool Support for Inspecting the Code Quality of HPC Applications" - Thomas Panas, Dan Quinlan, and Richard Vuduc, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - (Slides)
11:00  Session 2 - Performance and Productivity Measures - Chair - Lorin Hochstein, University of Nebraska
 "Performance Measurement of Novice HPC Programmers' Code" - Rolah Alameh, Nico Zazworka, and Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth, University of Maryland - (Slides)
 "Beyond Performance Tools: Measuring and Modeling Productivity in HPC" - Michael McCracken, Nicole Wolter, and Allan Snavely, University of California - San Diego and San Diego Supercomputer Center - (Slides)
12:00Invited Speaker - Christine Halverson, IBM Social Computing Group, "Was That Thinking? Issues in Understanding Development Time with Non-intrusive Data Collection" - (Slides)
2:00Invited Speaker - Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratories, "Quantitative Measurements of Productivity in an HPC Environment" - (Slides)
2:30  Session 3 - Lifecycle Support Tools - Chair - Christine Halverson - IBM
 "Developing a Computational Science IDE for HPC Systems," - David Hudak, Neil Lubdan, Vijay Gadepally, and Ashok Krishnamurthy, Ohio Supercomputing Center - (Slides)
 "The Trillinos Software Lifecycle Model" - James Willenbring, Michael Heroux, and Robert Heaphy, Sandia National Laboratories - (Slides)
4:00Follow-up Discussion
4:20Break-Out Groups
5:00Report of Break-Out Groups
 High-Performance Computing Experts Group
 Software Engineering Experts Group

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